Overdraft Protection

Enjoy peace of mind and security with your transactions with the flexible and convenient overdraft protection from US Swift Finance . Subject to credit approval.

Benefits that are included:

  • Cheques, withdrawals, pre-authorized payments, direct payment purchases are honoured up to your predetermined overdraft limit
  • Minimum overdraft protection available of $250 and to a Maximum limit of $5,000
  • No monthly fee if service is not used


$5.00 fee applies in each month in which your account is overdrawn a day or more. In addition, interest is also payable on overdrawn balances, calculated daily at 21% (per annum), charged monthly.

Account must have a positive balance at least once every 30 days.

Overdraft Under the US Swift Finance Total Equity Plan

The US Swift Finance Total Equity Plan is an innovative borrowing plan that has the flexibility to accommodate your changing needs. It allows you to use the equity in your home to gain control of your entire credit portfolio and lower the cost of your borrowing. To arrange Overdraft Protection under your US Swift Finance Total Equity Plan, visit your branch today.